The election is in two days and here are the candidates from Fort Wayne

I have met both Mr. Souder and Dr. Hayhurst (as he reminds us that he is a doctor, every fucking time), and I really don't think that they are as bad as Mark Foley or all other representatives/pedophiles. I personally like Hayhurst more, since he would actually listen to a word I had to say (unlike that ass Souder). It is just that Hayhurst is so "dopey".

I am also a Democrat, not really by choice though, since Bush caused many people in my generation to just fucking hate him and his party (check the recent cuts in education or persistant army recruiters). Here's the recent crap that I got in the mail from that dumbass party.

Check out how shitty the pictures of the most radical democrats are like taken during a sunny day, then reduced in quality, and then taken at the worst possible moment. It isn't that hard to do, but it wasn't like the nice republicans really just happened to use that picture. I mean, if you freeze frame any movie while someone is talking (about some important issue like the war) and take the picture, of course it will look like they are evil/mentally handicapped (fucking retarded)/etc. And I mean, the republicans did a helluva job finding that picture of Nancy Pelosi nearly flipping the bird during one of her speeches. Another thing is that in the lower photo you can see that her head is cocked slightly inwards and at this obscure angle? When people do that, it is like this trustworthy/loving kind of subconscious signal that is being sent. Apparently, the picture was taken on the spur of the moment (note the flipped up sunglasses), but everything else has been carefully planned before hand (like the hair being just right on the young girls left eye). Pure Bullshit.

And when was abortion that big of an issue, oh wait, I remember, when the House was about to be lost to the democrats. The only arguement they are making in this advertisement is against abortion, which was legalized by the Supreme Court 35 Years ago. Another thing that I didn't notice until later is the glare on her glasses. They make these vertical white lines, which is probably proof that this photo was taken inside. Just plane fucking odd to be honest. Talk about create the illusion of simplicity and honesty.

That guy isn't even smiling, he looks like he is about to break someone's spine or beat hit is wife, again. In any case, he looks blitzed out of his skull. Talk about protecting the American vlaues.

Time to add captions

Call me a pessimist and an asshole, but don't call me a fool or wrong.