It has been said before, but I must say it again,

MTV sucks

So one of my favorite bands, Faithless, has had their video banned from MTV. That means, for the illiterate reading this, that they won't even show the video late, late at night. It's not like I even watch MTV anymore, since I would rather watch Comedy Central, Cartoon Network (only Adult Swim, of course), and rarely switch the channel to some local station that is either broadcasting a free college class or Nickelodeon (I don't know why I switch there, there is never anything good on. Guess it must be conditioning). But back to MTV, they decided that a music video about bombs (weapons that annihilate civilians) was too radical. Go ahead and check out the music video on Here's a link:


But the fact is that this is an anti-war song. And ironically, MTV, which used to be quite liberal (as long as they could establish their market base and not piss of the parent company) has now become old and faggish. Cable is dead. Think about it, many shows broadcast online, with little cost. Heck, you can get any show you want off of YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, or other sources without any advertisement all. And one more thing, no censorship.